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General ‘Pattern and Registration' software

This is like having ten new rhythm styles just like the ones in the rhythm group section of your instrument and you'll get four or sometimes six variations of each style together with two fill-ins and usually two intros and endings. Each style works in conjunction with your ‘Auto Play Chord' feature to produce drums, bass, and three orchestrated accompaniment parts, and is set up with a keyboard split so that you can play the melody to the right of the split point and the chords to the left.

Equally as important as the rhythmic accompaniment is the volume balance between the backing and the melody, which of course includes the sounds that are used to play the tune. To make sure that not only is the style well balanced but also that the sounds used to play the tune are in keeping with the style, you'll find eight panel memories each one set up with a complete registration that uses lots of your instruments more hidden features so it's quite likely that you'll hear sounds that you never thought your instrument had.

Each disk features styles in a particular genre which we generally call the ‘Strictly' series such as Strictly Ballroom, Strictly Guitar or Strictly Orchestral so, for example, the Strictly Guitar disk will give you ten different musical styles like Latin, Shuffle, 60's Pop and Ballad with the accompaniment variations featuring mainly the guitar or guitars, together with right hand melody sounds that are in keeping with that style. On the Strictly Orchestra disk the backing for the various styles will feature orchestral instruments rather than electronic ones with instrumental sounds in the panel memories for your melody.

What songs you play and how you play them is up to you although I doubt that you would play a Sousa march with the waltz style from the Strictly Ballroom disk (even though you could) and because it's you that's playing the melody and the chords you're not having to keep up with some kind of predetermined backing.

General Pattern and Registration software: a summary

  • Ten new accompaniment styles per disk
  • Eight panel memory registrations per style
  • Automatic keyboard split
  • Everything is balanced for the best sound
  • Uses lots of features and effects
  • Each disk is designed to represent a specific instrumental or musical style
  • Each style lets you play any song that you think fits the style in any key either from a music copy or by ‘ear'
  • Use your own sounds with the new patterns or use the Panel Memory registrations with your favourite pre-set rhythms

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