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On-Screen Music software

Created for the KN7000, and PR604/804 this unique software does exactly what it says – displays the musical score on your keyboard's display together with the chords, lyrics and control instructions! There are three titles making up the series with each title comprising of eight songs specially arranged to show off the dynamic Auto Play Chord styles already on-board these wonderful instruments.

By mixing and matching the various elements from the hundreds of pre-set rhythm styles, you can create an orchestrated arrangement that sounds just like a full blown sixteen track sequence that you can then play along with. Add to that eight panel memories that combine sounds, Technichord, part setting and DSP effects, the result is quite simply stunning.

There are three main areas to look at. The music in the screen: read the music, chords or lyrics to follow the song; the sequence: either listen to a performance of the song, turn off the melody and/or accompaniment tracks and let the control track change all the buttons as you play along; the Panel Memories: these are set-up with the main APC data and sounds so that you can play a great ‘live' performance as indicated by the music.

The musical arrangements themselves have been written specifically to take advantage of the amazing range of sounds and styles that are currently available. Written to an easy to moderate standard, these are not the usual basic tune and simplified chords; you'll find lovely harmonies and instrumental breaks that will spice up your normal performance style. In fact they're good enough for a spotlight rendition at your local club or society meeting. All this and you don't need to take a bag of music with you either!

The on-screen music is clear and easy to read and shows all of the control information as it happens. If you're not a reader, then follow the lyrics or just busk along. You'll have no trouble following the standard song formats and can still take advantage of the sequenced backings.

On-Screen Music software: a summary

  • Exclusively for KN7000 & PR604/804.
  • Follow the score in your keyboard's display.
  • Arrangements written specifically to take advantage of the sounds and styles available.
  • Fully sequenced backing tracks.
  • Includes Melody track.
  • By turning off selected sequencer tracks, you choose how much or how little you want to interact.
  • 8 Panel Memory settings.
  • Teaches you about your instrument both audibly and visually.

The whole idea of software is help you get more out of your instrument and to make it easier to actually perform your music in a more professional and musical way.

All of the software described here is really easy to use and great fun to work with and will add endless hours of enjoyment to your musical world.

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