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Patterns and Registrations for specific songs

The ‘United Styles of America' is a series of disks that work in exactly the same way as the general pattern and registrations disks except that the rhythmic backings and melody sounds are created with a particular song in mind and the arrangements are based on the original recording of the song. The styles featured are:

  • Dance Band (Glenn Miller)
  • Country
  • Motown
  • Broadway and Hollywood
  • Marches

This time, instead of ten styles of a particular type of music or instrumentation per disk, there are actually ten individual songs … or rather, everything that you need to make each of the songs sound authentic. The backing for the song is in the ‘Composer' section of your keyboard with each main part of the song having its own bit of backing and just like before, the sounds that are used for the melody (which are based on the instruments used on the record) are in the eight panel memory buttons. All of the songs on each disk are very well known so whether you play from music or busk it you'll recognise each of the individual elements and can use them to create the arrangement that you already play, using only the bits that you need for the bits of the song that you know!

Specific Song software: a summary

  • Features well known songs
  • All arrangements are based on the original recordings
  • Ten songs per disk
  • The individual backings or sound set-ups can be used separately
  • Works in any key and with almost any version of the song

The ‘United Styles of America' series can really help you to play some of the world's most well known songs and in a professional way with lots of instantly recognisable phrases in the accompaniment together with lots of equally well-known melody sound combinations.

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