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Performance Pads software

Designed exclusively for the Technics KN6000/KN6500 and KN7000 series keyboards, this ‘Performance Pad' software, as its name implies, loads part of the user area of this great feature with professionally created hits, fills, stabs, phrases and musical effects. As always, there are ten different styles on each disk and each style features four general-purpose pads together with a major and minor ‘solo' pad, and they all work in the same way as pre-set pads. For those unfamiliar with this feature, the pads are just a set of six slightly bigger buttons to the left side of the control panel that when pressed play either an instant musical effect like a brass stab or a harp glissando, or a phrase like a piano arpeggio or rhythmic guitar pattern. If you use a pad whilst a rhythm is playing then the tempo of what the pads play will be the same as the rhythm so that you can use the pads as part of an ‘Auto Play Chord' backing. Each of the general pads are programmed to show a wide range of possibilities with some pads playing a short ‘one bar one shot' phrase as you soon as you press the button whilst others are synchronised to the rhythm's tempo and will play anything from a one to sixteen bar phrase which plays either once through or is looped and will continue to play until you turn it off. Your normal left hand chord determines the harmony played by the pad and will change as you play the different chord progressions in a song, so as long as you're playing the right chord your pad will always work anywhere in the song.

The ‘Solo' pads are great fun to use, and they do actually play an instrumental solo complete with an ‘Auto Play Chord' chord sequence that will take over whilst the soloist entertains you. And if you want to join in, your screen displays the chords being used in the soloists backing sequence so that you'll have something to follow.

Performance Pads software: a summary

  • Exclusively for KN6000/6500
  • Loads phrases and musical effects into the pad's user section.
  • Four General pads.
  • Two Solo pads.
  • Instant hit or Synchronised effects.
  • ‘One shot' or ‘Looped' phrases.
  • Left hand chords determine the pad's harmony.
  • Can be used almost anywhere within a song.
  • Join in with soloist by following the chord display on the screen as a guide.

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