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UPDATED! Written by Neil Blake, himself a musician with over 29 years experience of playing to an audience, this book covers virtually EVERY aspect of ‘playing for money’…. in great detail! This is the book you NEED to take your music out to the masses, or simply to polish up on your performance, stage skills etc.. Don’t keep it to yourself – GO OUT AND MAKE SOME MONEY FROM YOUR HOBBY! Alternatively, this book is a BIBLE even to home players as it’s packed with essential information about everything to do with playing keyboards - from choosing the right instrument (at the best price) to knowing what songs will go well with, say, a “Tango” rhythm. And the “Contacts” section at the back is worth the price of the book alone! Updated (November 2007) extensive CONTACT DETAILS for FREE sheet music, FREE lyrics, FREE midifiles, where to buy ORIGINAL + out-of-print sheet music at around £2 per copy and much, much more! PLUS – where to download over half a million MP3 songs at 8p each (about 60p per album). They have everything from The Beatles to Sinatra to this weeks TOP 50 UK and USA chart albums. Beautifully written and presented in over 220 spiral-bound A4 pages, in a humorous, friendly style, this book will fascinate EVERY keyboard player and organist – from professionals to home players and beginners. This will become the book you refer to the most! A massive resource of over 27 years worth of experience. Note from the author:“ I would have paid twice the cover price – just for the suggested song lists alone – if this had been available 20-odd years ago!” Just take a look at some of the things it covers in detail:
Playing to an audience
  • How to overcome nerves
  • Making mistakes (and actually putting them to your advantage!)
  • Adding humour to your performance (incl. 100+ quality jokes, one-liners, put-downs etc)
  • Choosing the right equipment
  • Tips on getting the BEST deals on new OR used equipment
  • Getting the best sound on stage
  • Auditions (and how to pass them)
  • How to find work (8 different ways)
  • Teaching for a living
  • Working in a music shop
  • Working with backing tracks and sequencers
  • Presentation tips
  • Everything you need to know about working in: Old Folk’s Homes - Restaurants / lounge / cocktail bars - Private functions – Churches – Pubs - Clubs etc
  • Joining a band or duo etc
  • The keyboard society circuit etc. (What to play, what to say, what you can expect to earn in each venue etc. etc.)
  • Working with a drummer
  • Playing for dancing including: - The correct standard dance tempos – and why some of them are WRONG (I list the tempos you should be using!)
  • Over 40 pages of lists of the best songs to play to each dance (How about 270+ quickstep songs, 280+ foxtrots, 100+ Old Time Waltzes, 100+ Rhumbas etc – all in neat, alphabetical tables with extra blank columns for you to customise & fill, add key signatures, book/page numbers etc)
  • How to get the tempo right – even without any audio or visual indication (from memory!)
  • Backing club artistes
  • Backing volunteer singers (the “Free & Easy” – extensive section) – including how to busk, find the singer’s key, fool-proof introductions, and a list of the most requested songs
  • Singing and playing – yes YOU can do it! Includes a list of the EASIEST songs to sing – and even the easiest keys to sing them in!
  • Singalongs & a list of the songs your audience simply CAN’T resist singing along to!!!
  • How to really motivate your audience
  • Running a music quiz (including sample questions and blank quiz sheet to photocopy)
  • A huge selection of QUALITY jokes and “One-Liners” to have your audience in stitches!
  • The Internet & why you need it – including - How you can access the internet WITHOUT owning a computer

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