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Take Your Partners!
SALE PRICE = £12.79 (original price £15)

A range of 10 special Dance patterns together with 10 banks of suitable panel memories
  • Mayfair Quickstep (Keep Young And Beautiful)
  • Two Step (Side By Side)>
  • St.Bernards Waltz (I'll Be Your Sweetheart)
  • Saunter (April Showers)
  • Strict Quickstep (If You Knew Susie)
  • Slow Foxtrot (Walking My Baby Back Home)
  • Old Tyme Waltz (Que Sera Sera)
  • Sequence Jive (Little Brown Jug)
  • Balmoral Blues (On The Sunnyside Of The Street)
  • Strict Waltz (Who's Taking You Home Tonight?)

  • £12.79 + postage
    This software can be downloaded just for £10.79
    Format: 3.5" Disk

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