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Complete Keyboard Player
DVD Collection
SALE PRICE = £9.99 (original price £19.99)

Tuitional DVD - suitable for all keyboards.PART 1 - This section of the DVD visually guides you through book 1 of this excellent tutorial series (book not included). 30 minutes of very useful hints and tips on how to start playing your keyboard. PART 2 - This second section for book 2 of the Complete Keyboard Player series continues your playing skills. This time you will be playing full chords and melody together and increasing your musical knowledge. This special DVD comprises the entire contents of 3 VHS videotapes, now combined onto one great DVD at a fraction of the original price. PART 3+4 - This section for books 3 & 4 of the Complete Keyboard Player series will extend your keyboard playing skills to high standard (books not included). This part is over 50 minutes long and will guarantee you all you need to know about playing your keyboard. Click here to view an excerpt

£9.99 + postage
Format: DVD

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