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Sequencer software

This software series is designed for you to add written right and left hand parts to a backing that has been pre-recorded using your instrument's sequencer with sometimes up to sixteen different tracks playing some wonderfully orchestrated parts. The player's part is usually quite pianistic but not always using a piano sound. As a confidence builder, the right hand and left hand parts have been recorded so that you can hear the whole song as a complete performance piece before you learn to play it yourself, and as each hands part is recorded on separate tracks you can practise one hand whilst the sequencer plays back the other. For practising, the sequencer can be made to start at a specific bar so that you can work on a section at a time. Your transpose feature will still work with the sequencer as will the tempo dial so changing the key or the speed of the song are easy and don't require any special programming.

Three titles are currently available in this series featuring two classical books, one for an easy to moderate level of playing ability and one at a more intermediate level, and an easy to moderate book of jazz and blues.

Sequencer software: a summary

  • Works in conjunction with a printed music book
  • Features specific Right and Left hand parts
  • Has up to sixteen sequenced tracks including the player's parts
  • Practise each hand separately
  • Practise specific sections with the backing
  • Easy to change the playback key and tempo
  • Available in Easy to moderate and intermediate levels

If you enjoy playing along with your regular pre-set rhythms then this is just one step up. You play your part and the sequencer plays its. Yes, you have to keep going because it's not going to wait for you to catch up if you make a mistake but then nor does a song. These are all great performance pieces and the quality of the arrangements that the sequencer plays make even the most modest attempts at playing the tune more than satisfying.

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