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Technics KN7000 book on CD-ROM
'Getting the most from your KN7000'
Highly acclaimed 'Getting the most from your KN7000' 89-page book now on CD-ROM! Designed to walk you hand in hand through the stuff the owners manual left out. This invaluable CD-ROM produced by Technote consists of a 2 CD set - one disc contains the entire book (now out of print) in PDF format which can be read on any computer with the free Adobe Reader. Written in a very clear and easy-to-follow style, subjects covered include SD Card functions, Favorite Songs, SD Audio Play, Musical Slideshow, Song Manager, Jukebox, Audio Recorder and more! Includes PROMO SLIDE SHOW FOR KN7000, MP3 files, 82 new styles & 500 styles (patterns) from previous KN keyboards – specially optimised for the KN7000. Also includes BACK-UPS to restore your 7000 if you ever need to! The second disc is the BONUS CD containing many musical examples which can be transferred to SD card to try on your KN7000. A companion DVD is also available entitled 'New Features of the KN7000'. Please note: Due to copyright restrictions, the PDF pages on this CD-ROM cannot be printed - only viewed on a computer screen.

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Format: CD-ROM

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