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SALE PRICE = £8.79 (original price £9.99)

This disk contains 40 Registrations for playing classical music. Selina Young has specially created the registrations for this disk and there are some wonderful sounds, from chamber to full orchestral, that you can use to play many and various classical pieces. Normally classical music is played without rhythm so no rhythms are included in the registrations; however, if you want to play the pieces in the suggested music books below, feel free to add rhythms as required. The first two tracks have mini-performances by Selina to inspire you.
  • Harpsichord/Strings
  • Woodwinds/Strings
  • Piano/Orchestral
  • Orchestral
  • Orchestral/Romantic Strings

  • £8.79 + postage
    Format: 3.5" DISK

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